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Cool Classics Cool 102

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Shorter days and colder nights mean one thing...Summers' ending

and school is getting ready to begin. So in honor of all of our

teachers past and present, test yourself and find out just how

WICKED smart you really are.Take the quiz below and find

out if you're the smartest kid in class because you'll get

more than A+!!! Listen to the Wicked Cool Morning Show 

Monday morning at 7:20 and who knows John & Joe

may award you a gold star in the form of an $100 gift

certificate to the Summer Shanty!!!

So Study up and remember to keep your eyes on your own paper!



How many planets are there?:
Who did America declare its independence from in 1776?:
What is the compound H2O better known as?:
How many degrees are in a circle?:
What year did Christopher Columbus discover America?:
What scientist came up with the Theory Of Relativity?:
How long is one term for the President of the United States?:
What process do plants use to get nourishment?:
How many months have 28 days in them?:
Who wrote "The Cat In The Hat"?:
First Name:
Last Name:
Birth Date:
Street Address:
Zip Code:
Day Phone:
E-Mail Address:

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